Smith Office Solutions


Daryl has some great prices and best service in town 24/7. I would highly recommend his services. Buy local and support local business.

Reggie Reginald
31 October 2018

Wonderful service, great pricing. I would highly recommend DC Smith for your office toner and printer needs!

All That Glitters
4 October 2018

Daryl and his team of experts are awesome... Fast with 5 star service and LOWER than ALL box Stores...... will be using them again... Thank you again for SAVING us $$

Thomas Johnson
3 October 2018

We love working with DC Smith Office Solutions. Daryl is so agreeable to do business with and incredibly knowledge about his products, and others on the market. He is fast, courteous and very helpful. We have appreciated his expertise and will continue to reach out for our supply needs.

Portland Fertility Wellness |Office Manager
3 October 2018

I had a printer that was down for three days and the manufactures customer support was hard to reach. Daryl walked into my office, diagnosed the problem and then delivered and installed the part I needed.
Thanks for the great service Daryl.

31 July 2018

Great Prices,Great Customer Service,Daryl always comes to the rescue & always has a solution to everything.

lyndsey mae
26 May 2018

The service is ALWAYS fast and friendly. Some of my printers are what you might call "obstinate" and he's always eager to help with any install or operational problems my systems might present. Even better, the prices are always competitive. A pleasure to deal with

Ned Sands
1 May 2018

Daryl has the best service along with Fast Free Delivery with NO TAX..
We use him for all our ink,toner,parts etc... they do sales,service & supplies...They are also opened 7 days a week..

Pamela Scott
1 May 2018

Great service and great value! Wish there were more like you in the business services arena.

Tim Brown
13 April 2018

We have been using DC Smith for years. Great Service & Prices... We called Daryl and we needed a new all in 1 office machine today,he was here asap. Machine works great. Well done Daryl.... We enjoy your Smile..

Angela & Anna
16 March 2018

Daryl & his team have been doing a great job the last 10 years with 5 star service with a smile.. They Deliver anytime for FREE.. They are above the rest & like no other..

Steve Jones
Insurance Company
9 March 2018

Darryl always comes to my office with affordable products, a smile, and his "Johnny-on-the-spot" attitude. Thank you for everything you do for us at Impact Hillsboro academy. Look forward to doing business again soon.

Richard Rangel
7 March 2018

We have some old equipment here and Daryl knew exactly what kind of toner cartridge would work. He even delivered it at my convenience. That is top-notch service!

Carol McConnell
6 March 2018

Daryl is great! He offers fast and friendly service, he's personable and helpful. Here's the amazing part, he delivers!!!

Dirk Nadauld
6 December 2020


Susan Ashworth
18 September 2017

We have been getting our toner from Daryl now for a few months and have been very happy with the service. Delivery is always very prompt, I usually get the product within 1-2 days of ordering . Daryl has even delivered on the same day. Thanks DC keep up the great work!

Julie Jones
Beaverton TenderCare |Office Manager
16 March 2017

I have had great experiences with Darrel and his company. Service was prompt, friendly and informative. I would recommend him and his team. Our last encounter was phenomenal!!

Teri Collin
Phoenix Group Real Estate |Office Manager
7 March 2017

Great service! I've never been disappointed with the products or the customer service. Very prompt and thorough. Daryl has been my go to person for printer and ink products for many years now. I give this company 5 stars

28 February 2017

We thought we had toner in stock, come to find out it was an empty cartridge that needed recycled - leaving us with an error message on the printer and needing to print. Called Daryl and he delivered new cartridges within a couple hours. So appreciate the quick service and them going the extra mile.

17 August 2016

We ordered our printer from Wisconsin and we had great service! Received our printer very quickly and we are enjoying...

Ashley Wendt
13 June 2016

Daryl is a go to guy for personal service second to none. He provided me whatever I needed for my office machines while I had my own office for 12 years in Hillsboro, OR. Daryl is most efficient in keeping his customers supplied. He is most happy to provide excellent customer and has a great sense of humor which always makes it a pleasure to see him on his timely service calls. I suggest trying DC Smith Company if you want the individual personal service that the big box stores just can't hold a candle to.

I've worked with Daryl a few times now and he's great! He's fast, efficient and knows his stuff. It's been great that he's actually taken the time to explain things as he goes. Additionally, we had a component that was broken and he brought us a replacement across town during lunch hour traffic. Great guy and is sympathetic to our cause at the school here. Will continue to call DC Smith when we have printer needs in the future. Thank you!

De La Salle North Catholic High School |IT Manager
21 March 2016

Great price. superb service. very professional.

The transaction is always smooth, that's why I order all my office needs from DC Smith. Two thumbs up!

Mike Soto
4 March 2016

People like Daryl & his team are amazing. The service has been 5 stars, along with LOWER prices than ALL BIG BOX ! They have true passion on what they do for people. We wish more companies were like DC SMITH. Keep up the great work, Thank you.

Tori Johnson
Pre-School for Kids
23 February 2016

Daryl & his team are wonderful & has been SAVING us Money for many years !! They have so many services and products to offer. They are Lower than ALL BIG BOX stores ! Plus, the service is 5 stars.

Kathy Jones
Accounting |CPA
22 February 2016

As a small business owner, I appreciate Daryl's attention to each and everyone of his customers. It's rare these days to find someone who can help you in a bind and show up at a moments notice. I Know a box of receipt paper doesn't seem like an emergency but when keep you from running your daily operation you need someone Who is there for you! Thanks Daryl, you the guys are the best.

Joe Hilsenrad
21 January 2016

Daryl is timely and hardworking and does a great job of keeping us in supply with our printing needs. I highly recommend him for your ink / toner needs!

Jay Fredrickson
11 January 2016

Daryl brings the best energy. He is passionate about what he does and helping people, I wouldn't buy toner from anyone else. Thanks DC Smith.

Adam Saffel
15 December 2015

Daryl & his Team have done a great job for the last 6 years on service and prices. They are LOWER than ALL BIG Box Stores.
They have great 5 star service same day or next day delivery,along with great LOW Prices. We will keep using them for all our locations.

Scott Rasmussen
Mechanic & Parts
8 December 2016

Daryl has done such a great job the last 19 years. We love the service and prices. We also love his referral program. They are Lower than ALL box stores.

Edward Sorenson
12 November 2015

We have been dealing with Darrell for years,he has such great service & it shows us that he loves what he does and takes pride in what he does.We only wish him and his team the best.

Steve Johnson
Grocery Store Chain
9 November 2015

Daryl & his crew have done a great job the past 10 years taking care of our needs. Keep up the great work

Scott Hanson
4 November 2015

Darrell always provides great customer service. When I call he comes to the rescue. Thanks Darrell for always keeping my business running smoothly...

4 November 2015

Great customer service with fast response times, Daryl will keep your business fully supplied with whatever you need!

Pip's Frozen Yogurt |Owner
2 November 2015

We have been dealing with DC Smith for years & wow what great service along with some great prices. DC Smith is LOWER than ALL Big Box Stores & the products work great ! We would suggest on trying them anytime.

Barbera Smith
14 October 2015


Xpresso lube
7 October 2015

We love working with Daryl, he always is a blast to chat with. Always get our supplies on time, or faster, and at a way better price than retail!!

Chris Johnson
1 October 2015

Daryl has a passion for the work he does and it shows! We appreciate his fast and honest service.

1 October 2015

Thanks Daryl! Daryl went way above and beyond to help us with a printer emergency and helped me to stay within a very tight deadline. I couldn't have met it without his help 5 Star customer service for sure!

Thomas Westran
15 September 2015

We have been dealing with Daryl & his sales team for 10 plus years & always have had 5 star service, thank you.

Scott Johnson
Mortgage Company
15 September 2015

I have worked with Daryl for over 10 years and he has always had the best prices and superior customer service!!

Randy Parrow
R&S Market |Owner
1 September 2015

Daryl provided our store exceptional service. He was able to get us toner for our printer immediately. Our warehouse had been out of this toner for weeks and we were in desperate need.
Thank you for your prompt, exceptional service!!! I highly recommend Daryl and his company!

Rick Edmunds
Safeway |Store Director
1 October 2018

DC Smith Office Solutions has the best customer service of all the companies I do business with; prompt, friendly service at competitive prices. Save yourself the hassle of researching products online or driving to big box stores, call Daryl and he'll tell you what you need and get you the best price.

Firehouse Subs |Owner
15 July 2015

Easy to deal with, responsive, and VERY prompt delivery of whatever the office requires.

Prices are very competitive. After many years, I've never found reason to complain about either the service or the products provided (we buy mostly ink cartridges)

Ned Sands
6 July 2015

DC Smith products and service are of high value, with a more than reasonable cost. The reliability and customized service of this small business is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Daryl!

Andrea Damian
Tattoo Shop
15 June 2015

Daryl is great. He knows exactly what printers we have here in the office and regularly checks up on us. Our orders usually get to us next day, too! Thanks Daryl!

Devon Walker
Klear Marketing |Office Manager
17 April 2015

Daryl has great service & prices . Fast Free Delivery ! We will always call him and spread the word ! He is LOWER than all the BIG BOX Stores ! Call them anytime 24/7 at 503 848 0770. He is so nice to work with.

Pamela Scott
Balloon Company
19 March 2015

Amazing service! Seriously... the prices are great and Daryl is awesome. Not only is he knowledgeable about his products but also provides the best deal. Thanks for the quick service and the personal delivery too! I'll continue to only do business with you guys! And spread the word....

NW Teriyaki
19 March 2015

Daryl is great to work with. He recommended just the right printer for our needs, and delivered promptly. He's helpful, friendly, honest and kind.

Heidi Lael
18 February 2015

We have been doing business with Daryl for a number of years and are always pleased with the prompt service he provides. He is a pleasure to do business with and I recommend him highly.

Heidi Flis
2 October 2014

Daryl is wonderful to work with! He is our "go to guy" for our business/home office needs! Honest and trustworthy.

Jackie A.
8 September 2014

Daryl has been wonderful with great service and prices. We love his personal service & smile. We recommend him to anyone who likes SAVING money. DC Smith has many services that everyone could appreciate it.

Paula Hobble
5 September 2014

Good advice, good prices and incredibly fast service. Thanks!

Lorri Nandrea
5 September 2014

Daryl has been so wonderful by providing us with Great prices and Great Service for many years. We are loyal customers

Pamela Scott
Balloon Company
3 September 2014

Good prices, great service.

Darrell is always so helpful and quick in getting me my supplies. His prices are reasonable and service is exceptional. Thanks for always taking such good care of me and my copy machine needs.

Tonya Love
Own Trucking Company
28 August 2014

We purchased a refurbished HP LaserJet 2430 from DC Smith Office Solutions in July, 2014. It works great! This machine is easy on the toner too. Love the prompt delivery service. Thank you so much!

Shelly Campbell
26 August 2014

Our company has just recently started with DC Smith. I Just want to say they are a wonderful company, I had an issue with my printer today and with in minutes I had a call back, Darryl was right on it, fixed all my problems. Thank you So much. I will recommend them to everyone, for the simple fact they are great and local, it means more than you know. Service with a Smile!!!! Thanks again

Daryl is amazing to work with. Even when there is an issue he works till it's resolved and checks up on us to be sure it stayed resolved. We greatly appreciate his attention to detail and service!

Jeannia S.
Northwest Surveying |Beaverton, Oregon
18 August 2014


14 August 2014

Have been doing business with Daryl for over 10 years. Excellent service, very dependable. Very glad he came back from Utah.

Always has great prices.

claudia dehlin
insurance agency 3 offices |Beaverton, Hillsboro, Eugene
14 August 2014

I've been dealing with DC Smith Office Solutions for more than 2 years now and would highly recommend this company to any business large or small. Prices are at or below the stores in my area, delivery is prompt, and you can't beat the personalized service. Saves me a lot of time and hassle chasing down these supplies on my own. My local DC contact checks in on me on a regular basis to make sure that I have what I need, the customer service is top notch. Very happy customer.

Joe Weaver
Cell Phone Store Owner/Operator
6 August 2014

I've been working with DC Smith Office Solutions for years now. I've ordered toner cartridges several times and he has been great at keeping my equipment cleaned, maintained and fixed, even in emergency situations. Very prompt. I'd recommend his services to anyone. The prices on the supplies I've not been able to beat anywhere else.

Doug Hartley
6 August 2014

I recently ordered a toner for my laser printer and ink cartridges for my multi-function printer. This was my first order from DC Smith Office Solutions, and I was very happy with their prompt attention and delivery of my order. The staff was very knowledgeable about the specific items I needed for my equipment.

Elayne Morga
6 August 2014